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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 16, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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stained pants. >> if you see bill, punch him in the face. back to you, greg. >> please don't. >> no, it happens so much. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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>> shannon: house republicans fired their first shot against the national labor relations board. correspondent doug mckelway
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tells us what happened. >> today's vote in the republican controlled house denies the national labor relations board the power to force an employer to keep a production line open. democratic critics say the bill paves the way for more u.s. companies to move overseas. >> you can't say you want to protect american jobs and not protect american workers. take away the workers' right to free speech and their right to due process and create new class of slave labor in the united states that are helpless. >> boeing opened a $750 million plant in right to work south carolina. as production lines rolled, the national labor relations board filed a complaint against boeing. moving the production from washington state calling it "discriminatory" against boeing unionized workers. nlrb sought injunction to keep it open. but they said it would ide the south carolina plant. and the 1100 workers. >> the federal government, especially the nlrb has no right to dictate where a company can or cannot create
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jobs. >> reporter: ironically, republicans argue failure to pass the bill would result in the famed exodus of job that republicans fear from passage. >> they are simply going to locate in china, or taiwan, or thailand or india or 100 other countries around the world that are friendly and welcoming to employers who want to grow and expand businesses. >> democrats complain it was bad precedent to bring the bill to the floor while an administration law judge is hearing the case in washington state. >> elected officials should not be polite sizing in ongoing -- politicizing on going ajudecative process. politics should not interfere with justice in this or any other case. >> republicans countered that under the obama administration, the nlrb lost credibility. >> this unelected group of executive branch recess appointees, have abandoned all pretensive objectivity. and become mr. speaker,
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nothing more than a taxpayer funded law firm for big labor. >> today's vote is mostly symbolic. the bill will likely die in the democratically-controlled senate. that may leave the fate of the south carolina boeing plant in the hands of the administrative law judge. his decision can be appealed all the way up to the u.s. supreme court. all while both plants remain up and running. shannon? >> shannon: the fight is far from over, doug mckelway. thank you, doug. contract talks today resume between general motors, chrysler and united auto workers union. negotiators failed to reach a deal before wednesday midnight deadline. the union agreed to extend the old contract and keep working. employees promise not to strike over wages as part of the 2009 government bail-out. switzerland largest bank says road trigger is responsible for $2 billion in losses. london police arrested a 31-year-old man in the alleged fraud against ubs. the bank says no client money was involved. libya's new ruler receive much-needed prestige today with the arrival of the first
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two world leaders to visit the country since their takeover from muammar gaddafi. david piper reports from tripoli. weapons control was at the tov of the agenda. >> british prime minister and french president nicolas sarkozy were the first to visit new libya, praising those who risked their lives to topple muammar gaddafi. >> you showed the world you'd get rid of a dictator and you'd choose freedom. >> today, you must show a new courage, of forgiveness and reconciliation. >> one thing that needs to be reconciled quickly is the number of mines and munitions at the country. libya at the moment is awash with weapons and the fear is they could get in wrong hands. >> we're talking about dangerous weapons, surface to air missiles capable to shoot down an airplane. >> reporter: we saw they are easy source of ingredient for i.e.d.s, which cause such
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carnage there. we got a tip about a secret munitions dump surrounded by residential homes. finding it was easy and already signs that people have been here before us and take man they wanted. in just one of the warehouses, there were 50,000 land mines stacked in boxes. >> this is the problem in libya. up guarded warehouse of munitions in civilian areas. weapons often transported by gaddafi to places like the to escape nato air attacks bus now people are taking the weapons away, potentially using them for i.e.d.s or being sold on the black market. >> libya's defactor government, the national transitional council promised repeatedly guard the weapon caches. there are worries that so far the libyan and western government has done very little. ramifications are dangerous. not just for the country but
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for the whole region in tripoli, david piper, fox news. >> shannon: syrian opposition leader say they have joined forces to present a united front against the regime of president bashar assad. activists meeting in turkey say the national council will try to come up with consensus to deal with assad who led a brutal six-month crackdown on dissent. the largest weapons show is taking place this week in london. 1200 defense contractors are showing their wares to estimated 20,000 visitors. products range from new tanks to fashionable body armor. sarah palin, one celebrity loves her. one celebrity author apparently does not. that is next in grapevine. if you think president is repeating himself, you're not alone
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>> shannon: now some fresh picks from the political grapevine. to some, president obama is starting to sound like a broken records pushing the so-called jobs bill to the american people and to congress. >> you should pass this jobs plan right away. >> let's pass this jobs bill right away. >> let's pass this bill. >> pass this bill. >> pass this bill. >> pass this jobs bill. >> congress should pass this bill right away. >> shannon: mr. obama actually said a variation of the phrase "pass this bill" more than 100 times in the last week. the "new york times" with a less than raving review for author joe mcginnis' book
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about sarah palin. you remember he moved in next door to palin alaska home while he researched the family. the "times" says most of the book is dated and petty and said he used his time in alaska to chase caustic, unsubstantiated gossip about the palin. but jean called himself an obama groupie and told women's wear daily i'm not saying she could be the next president, but there is something about her. people think i'm crazy but i like her, i do. what began as a kidnapping scare turned out to be love scandal for the white house party crashers. tarek alerted authorities and the media this week after his wife disappeared. however, police say they spoke with michaela who said she was where she wanted to be, with guitarist neil sean from the band "journey." he told his attorney his
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client was devastated but said divorce talk is premature. a marine who helped save 40 of his comrades was given the medal of honor by president obama. mike tobin has the warrior's amazing story. >> for courage under fire in afghanistan, the nation's highest military honor hung around the neck of sergeant dakota meyer. [ applause [ applause ] >> because of your honor, 36 men are alive today. because of your courage, four fallen american heroes came home. and in the words of james layton mom, they can lay their sons to rest with dignity. >> reporter: but dakota, a kentucky native feels he is undeserving of all the recognition. >> i'm definitely not a hero. that's the furthest thing from the truth. >> reporter: september 8, 2009. afghan army battalion supported by u.s. soldiers and the meyer fellow marines were ambushed. then corporal meyer requested by radio to go help them. he was ordered to stay back and disobeyed orders. >> we're going to go in there
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or die trying, you know. that's how it is. that is your brothers in there. >> reporter: meyer and staff sergeant juan rodriguez chavez rescued u.s. and afghan troops , provideed cover to allow dozens to escape. they returned five times searching for members of meyer's own team. when found them, they were all dead. >> i went in there to bring the guys out alive. that was my mission. i didn't bring them out alive so i failed. >> reporter: back at his high school in columbia, kentucky, meyer would not have been forecast as medal of honor recipient. by his own admission he was not an ideal student. he didn't go with the blow. any troubles that dakota had when he was young, the coach at green county high school said it's because he thought for himself. the coach spotted it out here on the practice field and called it leadership. >> he was always a lone ranger. i always said she a guy that was on his own and wanted to improve and be the best he
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could bo at all times. >> reporter: that lone ranger attitude came in to play in afghanistan. that's why his retired marine grandfather will use the word "hero." >> he handled everything all the way up through his life. i just can't say how proud i am of him. >> that independent thinking explains why when dakota was asked if he had any requests while in d.c. he requested a beer with the commander in chief. meyer has left the marines and tried to move past what he called the worst day of his life. he says if he deserves any recognition, every fighting man deserves it. [ applause ] mike tobin, fox news. >> shannon: what appears to be an accidental fire in the engine of a norwegian cruise ship killed two crewmen and forced evacuation of the passengers. it happened off the country's western coast, more than 100 passengers piled in lifeboats. the remaining passengers and crew were evacuated once the ship reached port. should the government continue to invest in green energy in
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the wake of the solyndra collapse? we'll ask the fox all-stars when we come back.
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what happened here is an investment did not pan out. there are a variety of reasons for that that has to do with the international marketplace and the cost of solar panels and chinese pricing of their competitive products. >> i agree it was a perfect storm. i don't think we should blame china or the market or the previous administration. >> shannon: that is some of reaction here in washington today as the continued fall-out from solyndra makes the headlines. the solar panel company that has gone bankrupt with more than $500 million of taxpayer loans. bring in the panel to talk about it. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." mary kathryn ham of the daily caller and charles layne from the "washington post." good to see you all.
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this a story that is not going away. it's gathering steam. what do you make of carney's assessment, white house spokesman jay carney this is to blame because of china, outside influences and this is an ince investment and this one didn't pan out. >> if you believe what the white house believes about competing in the green technology space, that is the arguement that the white house would make. i don't find it convincing and i didn't find it convincing when the president first proposed this. i don't find it convincing now. what is most interesting about jay carney's performance, he did the best job somebody in his position could do today, trying to downplay this whole growing scandal and suggest that really this was a scheduling conflict and nothing more to it. at the same time, we know that the f.b.i. has already been there, potentially looking for things. treasury department inspector general launched new investigation. this is growing in accounts and in ways that the white house can't say this is just the nasty extremist house republicans going after us at the white house. these are serious investigations now by career public officials here in
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washington. i think the white house and jay carney will have a very difficult time no matter how good he is with the words. getting this to go away. >> shannon: in addition to the investigation that steve mentioned, we have the treasury department, the doe, the house energy and commerce committee. we have the f.b.i. how does the white house handle all of that? >> well, it will be tough. as steve but noting. i think, you know, especially the amount of money here, talk about the two top earners by the way in hollywood, oprah and tyler perry, if you put what they make in a year together it's less than what we lost in the deal. that matters to people. it's a big deal. there is ro mant schism and politicalization going on. you pit it together and get disasters. next week they have the ceo testifying. the word is they won't plead the fifth. there will be more to report on. obama made it a poster child.
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so it's fair to look at that and say hey, this did not work. >> shannon: this is part of a loan program to get people back to work to put the u.s. on the cutting edge of the technologies. now that it's gone belly up, 1100 people out of work there. there are questions about who will be paid out first? what happens to the taxpayer? where do we rank in the situation? >> obama administration restructur the loan when the company got in trouble. such that the private investors would get paid first before the government which is not the way it usually goes. they will get hammered for that, too. the speckor of crony capitalism hangs over this whole thing because the bundleer, one of the donors was involved in this. that is a two-way street. rick perry may have a problem with this, because in texas he set up something called emerging technology fund, which has $140 million in it. which channeled millions of
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dollars to various companies he thinks are great. they are not green but it's the same thing. government picking winners and losers. one of them has gone bankrupt. a lot of his donors seem to be involved in the selection process. so i think everybody in politics should be looking around to see if they have this problem. n their closet, too. >> shannon: the truth is we're not done with this. still before the end of the month there are a dozen plus companies that stand to get $10 billion in similar loans and there are cancers about whether the vetting process for the loans from the energy department has been solid. let's listen to the reaction from senator murkowski and worry about the money still getting ready to go out the door. >> my concern is we have a colossal failure within the department of energy. with regard to the loan guarantee. it's calling in to question every loan guarantee that has been issued. quite clearly any future loan guarantees that will go
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forward. >> shannon: your reaction? >> she is right. it's wider than that. these are loan guarantees and the government cosigning when a bank accompanys a loan there have been direct loans under energy department and other programs going to company that makes electric cars or say they'll make electric cars or batteries or things like that, that have some of them questionable finances. again, the big picture of attempting to sit back as the got decide which technology and company and which application will pan out in the marketplace. risky business. >> maybe the government shouldn't be doing that. it's true that the republican and democrats do this and do it all the time. it argues back that the time that the stimulus was first announced that this is not the thing that the government should be doing in the crisis that the obama administration was arguing. we're seeing this in the document, the e-mail from seward who helped run the program from january 132009,
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right before the obama administration was inog rated, saying in effect let's cut off the discussions with solyndra. two weeks later, under this new administration, the discussions were started back up again. >> this is exactly what you get when you have the so-called "public/private partnerships." it's not surprising that you'd have this kind of potential corruption, but at least pressure. there is pressure from private industry and members of congress, on the loan committee, the 12 members of the loan committee. >> shannon: you stalk about the government money and you talk about the taxpayer money. people want to know where it's going. aim was to release program to create 65,000 green jobs. now the number is set at 60,000. i know mary kathryn, we looked at the math on this. that would be $640,000 per job created or saved. is that good investment for you as a taxpayer? >> you look at it and say if it worked perfectly, that is the best case scenario. 60,000 jobs and $640,000 worth
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of government backed loan per job. it sounds like a huge investment and you won't necessarily lose every one of the dollars but i think they would be really game to explain how we're not going to mess this up in the future. i did not hear that in the hearing there needs to be a specific process, especially i if they are sending stuff out between now and the end of the month. >> shannon: solyndra officials coming next week, there are hearings from the administration officials who said the fundraiser tied to this, this obama fundraiser, no links or influence there. but charles, how much worse do you think it will get before it gets better for the administration on this? >> it's going to get worse. you don't even need to show that there was a quid pro quo with a fundraiser. bad enough you lost the money. the company may be shaky but they insist on delivering the cash. the more that is repeated or documented the worse the management will look. >> the changing the structure
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of the bankruptcy to benefit obama administration friends. second time it happened the first was with chrysler so they switched it to zo the uaw took over that. >> shannon: senators noting that. they won't let it go. panel, stick around. next up, john boehner reveals his jobs plan do you think it will pass the house and the democratically controlled senate? we want you the vote in the online question of the day. our home page at we'll have results for you after this break.
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we certainly can close loophole to give tax breaks
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for to a more people to pay for college education tax breaks to companies that send the jobs overseas while we ask seniors to pay for more medicare and the list goes on. >> the president's proposals are a poor substitute for the pro-growth policies that are needed to remove barriers to job creation in america. the policies that are needed to put america back to work. >> shannon: top party leaders in the house weighing in today on plans to create jobs. john boehner the speaker unveiled his own plan today. before the break we asked you in the question of the day: will house speaker john boehner's job plan pass the house and senate? well, 23% of you say yes. 77% say no. panel, i guess we shouldn't be surprised. democrats do control the senate. i can't imagine they'll be excited about passing anything that john boehner puts together. steve, what do you make of the conversation? it sounded like today that speaker boehner was hinting at room to compromise. >> you have democrats in the senate who aren't excited about president obama.
4:51 am
>> shannon: that's true. >> i agree they won't be excited about john boehner's. look, the most important or the most interesting fact to emerge today was that president obama never actually called john boehner to talk about his jobs bill. i mean this is a president who had campaigned in the midwest, you know, on his jobs tour in the midwest before he announced this bill. and said i'm going to propose this jobs bill and campaign against republicans if they reject it. he opened and closed his speech before congress by saying this is not at all about politics, we need to all come together and work together. yet, when we find out that he has not yet called john boehner. the single most important person to get this through congress if he actually, if the president actually intends to get it through congress, the president never bothers to pick up the phone, and call him despite the fact that john boehner sent a letter with eric cantor on september 6, ib viting the president to have this bipartisan meeting to talk about what they could do together on jobs. if there was any question i
4:52 am
don't think there was a question but if there were any question president obama is doing this entirely for politics and he never thought there was any chance of having this pass congress. i think it was resolved today. >> shannon: well, he said, "pass this bill." he said it to congress more than 100 times this week. does it strike you as strange he wouldn't accept the phone call or meeting invitation from the speaker? >> his greatest need is to have the fight over the bill instead of pass the bill. it may also be his greatest desire as we see by the priorities he's making here. i think the republicans have been pretty good in tone in not seeming obstructionists over this. i know there are things we could like here. axelrod on the other hand saying this cannot come apart in any way. take it or leave it is all you get. this sounds very much to me they're not interested in negotiating and republicans are. on top of that, i think you have a lot of democrats very overtly saying we're not big fans of this either. on the liberal side, you have fazzio and jim webb and the blue dog folks you'd expect to hear from. but it's beginning to look
4:53 am
very much like the republicans are not the issue here. maybe he doesn't want to pass the bill. >> shannon: it's interesting today that speaker boehner said absolutely one of the deals for him is a no tax increases. he says that always kills jobs. that's the position he is coming from. a lot of the conversation ties in the giant select committee, the big super committee on the hill making decisions about the long-term economic policy in the country. i want to play a little sound bite today from saturday kent conrad. a bipartisan group of senators who got together today and they're urging that committee to go, you know, swing for the fences. take a listen. >> this is a message from the large group of senators to the special committee, who were with you. be brave. be bold. go big. we know the goal set for them is a beginning but should not be the ending.
4:54 am
we urgently need a pack knowledge the range of $4 trillion. >> he is asking them to triple what they have been mandated to do. is it easy from the outside looking in to ask the committee to come up with numbers? >> i'm smiling here because i'm trying to picture myself of member of the supercommittee listening to conrad going go ahead, fellows, i've got your back. don't worry about anything. he is retiring from the senate. he has nothing to worry about. he is not going to run for re-election. people i talk to in the investment committee, if you want to do something to create jobs and so forth, the best thing you can do is come back with something bigger than what they are talking about. at the supercommittee. a package to set the country on a stable fiscal course for the future. i'm afraid that john boehner made it harder today to say we have to take the tax increases off the table. remember, before, he was bragging that he had been willing to have them on the table when he was talking to president obama. if you want to have a compromise, i'm afraid you
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have to stump up on the revenue side and he seems to not want to do that. >> shannon: there is talk of tax reform and closing loopholes as long as it doesn't amount to a tax increase. tea party and others fought of the semantics of that. >> it's tricky. serve trying to massage the committee, unknown quantity. put a stamp on it before it starts its work. but i think, the tea party does and folks like that object to tax hikes and they also object to crony capitalism. that is something that has gained a big limelight recently. solyndra is one of reasons for it. on the right as well. so i think taking out the string pulling of the tax structure would be something that could appeal to the right. even if it does mean that in some cases it looks like a tax hike. going broad in that sense would maybe not be a bad idea. good message to businesses. >> i think it's almost always a good time to be an absolutist against tax increases but especially a good time to do that when we're now potentially sliding
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in a double-dip recession. >> shannon: all right. panel, that's it. stay tuned. we've shown you the president repeated call to pass the jobs bill but he is calling on you to help. find out how one celebrity is
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>> finally tonight, you've heard the president call on congress repeatedly to pass his jobs plan. well, now he's calling on you, their constituents to turn up the heat and at least one celebrity seems very anxious to do just that. >> sounding like candidate obama, he urged the richmond audience to pressure members of congress oochlt iept you to call. i want you to e-mail. i want you to fax. i want you to facebook. send a carrier pigeon. >> i'm trying to help! i'm trying to do my


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